1) Did  Luise make a pizza at the weekend? a) Yes, she did. b) Yes, I did. c) No, we didn't 2) Did Magda win the tennis match? a) No, he didn't. b) Yes, she did. c) Yes, I did. 3) Did Pawel and Tomasz watch a film? a) No, they didn't. b) Yes, we did. c) No, I didn't. 4) Did you take the bus this morning? a) Yes, I did. b) Yes, you did. c) No, you didn't. 5) Did your friends have a party? a) Yes, we did. b) No, they didn't. c) No, I didn't. 6) Did your dad pay for the tickets? a) No, she didn't. b) Yes, I did. c) No, he didn't. 7) Did you write this story? a) No, I didn't. b) No, you didn't. c) Yes, she did. 8) Did your parents like that film? a) Yes, they did. b) Yes, we did. c) No, she didn't. 9) Did your mum make this cake? a) Yes, he did. b) Yes, she did. c) No, I didn't. 10) Did Ewa and Alex go to the concert? a) Yes, I didn't b) No, they didn't c) No, they did.

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