1) Sheila ........ (go) to the bazaar. She’ ll be back in an hour. a) has gone b) has been going c) went 2) You look sweaty! ........ (you/work) out? a) Have you worked b) Have you been working c) has you worked 3) How much ........ (Helen/spend) on her English books? a) has Helen spent b) has Helen been spending c) Has Helen spend 4) The house smells wonderful! ........ (Mum/bake) a cake? a) Has mum baked b) Has mum been making c) Has mum bake 5) How long ......... (Tom/save) to buy a new PC? a) has Tom saved b) has Tom been saving c) Have Tom saves 6) He .... (work) very hard recently. He needs some time off. a) has worked b) has been working c) have been work 7) We ........ (not/buy) all our Christmas presents yet. a) haven't bought b) haven't been buying c) didn't bought 8) Joy ........ (clean) the house since 9 o’clock. Can you give her a hand? a) has cleaned b) has been cleaning c) has clening 9) Robin ... (never/be) abroad. a) has never been b) has never was c) didn't be 10) .........(you/ever/eat) Thai food? a) Have you ever eaten b) Have you ever been eating c) Have you ever ate

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