My friends persuaded me to try hang-gliding! But why? I hate heights!, People say I look and behave just like my dad, but I don’t see it!, My brother failed to arrive at the party until nine. We were a bit worried., Jo ended her relationship with Eddie because they didn’t have much in common., I have a lot of sympathy for Marion. She has failed the exam again, and she worked so hard to prepare for it., The teacher criticised Jo for talking in class., I think Amy thinks she’s better than the rest of us., Stella invented a story about a dog eating her homework! She’s such a liar! , I admire people who are hard-working and strong-minded. , My sister said no to the job offer because she didn’t want to move away from home., It’s not easy to feel happy again after the end of a relationship., My brother is always trying to make me look stupid in front of my friends, Amy keeps talking about the time I lost my wallet, and I want to forget about it. , I rarely agree with Jason. We have such different views on things.


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