Kissing someone as a social greeting., Eating on public transport., Putting on makeup on public transport., Eating smelly food near other people., Bringing a gift or food if you are invited for a meal., Using both armrests on a plane or in a cinema., Moving away from someone on public transport., Giving your seat to someone on public transport., Declining (saying no) when someone offers you food., Eating first before everyone has their food at a restaurant, Waiting for your host to eat before you do, Eating the last piece of chocolate without offering it to anyone, Pouring a drink for yourself when other people are with you, Waiting for the host to ask you to leave their house, Watching a video or listening to music loudly (or without headphones) in a public place, Slurping your soup or noodles, Burping after eating a meal, Lining up behind someone at the bus stop, Ignoring someone when they speak to you, Picking your teeth at the dinner table.

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