1) What will you do this weekend? 2) Will you be rich in the future? Why? / Why not? 3) What job will you have when you're older? 4) Do you think robots will replace teachers fifty years in the future? Why? / Why not? 5) Do you think it will rain tomorrow? Why? / Why not? 6) Do you think people will live on the moon fifty years in the future? 7) Will you become a famous person in the future? Why? / Why not? 8) Will you have children one day? 9) How will you feel on Friday ? 10) Will humans ever meet aliens? What will the meeting be like? 11) Do you think humans will ever be cloned? 12) Will we ever live on the Moon or travel to Mars? 13) Will you travel around the world someday? 14) Will you eat pizza this wekend?




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