blood pressure - Something that can be high, often because of stress or bad diet., sunburn - Something you could get on the beach if you're not careful, pills - What you should take if you have a headache e.g. aspirin or paracetamol, get over - A phrasal verb that means to recover from an illness, sneeze and cough - You do it when you have a cold., an allergic reaction - A condition when something you eat or breathe can make you feel ill., lie down - You should do this when you feel unwell or tired., faint, pass out - To become unconscious, come round - A phrasal verb that means to become conscious again, flu - An infectious illness like a very bad cold that causes fever, pain, and weakness., bleed - If you cut your finger with a sharp object, it will, a twisted ankle, a sprained ankle - Two ways of describing an injury that can happen if you don't watch your step , food poisoning - You might get this if you eat food which is past its sell-by date., a plaster - Something you should put on a small cut, burn yourself - This can happen if you drop very hot liquid on yourself., choke - This can happen to you if a piece of food gets stuck in your throat., swollen - Adjective to describe a part of your body that has got bigger because of an injury., vomit, throw up - Two verbs that mean to be sick.,


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