Bauhaus: Use of tubular steel, Simple (no textures or patterns), Light, Airy, Dynamic shapes, Plain, monochrome - whites, blacks, greys, Modern Materials (Steel, plywood, leather, glass), Industrial style, Form follows function (Functionalism), "Less is More", De Stijl: Right Angles, Black, White and Primary Colours, Painted often Matt finish, Contrasting - strong colour variation, vertical and hortizonal lines, Purely Squares and rectangles, Asymmetrical Lines (and no curves), Principles of Geometry and Simplicity, Art Nouveau: Organic, Natural forms (flowers, leaves), Human (often female) Form, Earthy Colours, Sinuous/Curvy, Exotic woods, iridescent glass, semi-precious stones , Vertical lines and height (mackintosh), Focus on reviving good workmanship, Art Deco: Symmetry, Stepped shapes (Zigurrat), Rounded corners, Luxurious materials - gold, leather, chrome etc..., Nature - sunrises, shells, flowers, Chrome & Theatrical contrasts in materials, Stylised images, Inspired by Egyptian Artifacts,





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