What social networking site do you prefer? , How many people do you follow on Instagram?, What are some bad points about social media? , What are some good points about social media? , How many hours a day do you use on social media? , Do you check any websites at least once a day?, Would you prefer to live in a world with no social media? , Do you feel you are addicted to social media? Do you know anyone who is?, Could you turn off your phone for a whole week? , What does social media mean to you? , What is inappropriate to share on social media? , Do you worry about privacy on social media? , Do your parents use any social networking sites? , Should companies ban their employees from using social networking sites at work? At School?, How are social networking sites dangerous?, Are social networking sites changing our daily behaviour?, Would you prefer to meet new people at a party or online?, Is it possible that social networking sites make people lonelier?, How do you feel about meeting people online for dates?, What is the one thing that you love most about social media?.

EAP I1 M1 U1 Social Media Conversation Questions


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