smuggler - When the police caught the ___________________ at the airport, he was carrying a suitcase full of diamonds., murderer - The ______________ killed several people before he was caught., looters - After the earthquake, _________________ took things from shops without paying for them., balaclava - The robber was wearing a _________________ so that nobody knew his identity., shoplifting - The shop manager caught the Hollywood actress ________________in an expensive clothes shop. , vandals - The two _______________ caused damage to the building by throwing paint all over the walls., thief - I left my handbag on my desk at work yesterday and I think a _____________ has taken it., arson - The police believe that the fire at the school was _______________ ., stole - The mugger ____________ the woman’s handbag from her when she was walking across the platform., dealers - Drug ________ are the worst criminals, in my opinion.,


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