exasperated - ‘I give up with William – he just doesn’t listen to me, and there’s nothing I can do.’  , miserable - ‘I feel so sad when it’s wet and grey outside.’ , thrilled - ‘His speech was great. I feel really positive now.’ , humiliated - ‘It was awful. Everybody saw me fall over on the stage. The whole school knows!’ , disillusioned - ‘He had a great reputation, but now I’ve seen him act, I’m not so sure.’, irritated - ‘He just won’t stop making silly noises and talking when I’m watching TV!’  , amused - ‘It was so funny. It was hard not to laugh.’  , upbeat - ‘At last! Sun, sea and sky. This is where I want to be.’  , ashamed - ‘I didn’t do the right thing, and feel really bad about that now.’ , envious - ‘As usual, Mark got top marks, and everybody thinks he’s great!’, indecisive - I'm in two ,imds about tha trip., gasp - When the ghost appeared, everybody in the theatre ___________ . It was such a shock., snore - My grandad fell asleep in the back of the car and started ___________ . It was quite funny., fidget - My little brother was bored in the car so he started ___________ . He wouldn’t keep still. , slurp - Anna is my best friend, but I hate the way she ___________ her drink. It really makes a disgusting noise., raise - My dad didn’t believe what I said so he ___________ his eyebrows. , tut - My granny was very annoyed by the bad behaviour of the children. She didn’t speak to them, but I could hear her ___________ ., scratch - I could see Mark sitting in the exam ___________ his head. He didn’t know the answers to any of the questions., content - Oh, this book is so nice, and the blanket is so cosy, and I don't have to do anything - how relaxing!, purse - My mum was ___________ her lips. I knew she was really angry with us., sneeze - Josh took out a tissue and ___________ loudly into it. Then he wiped his nose., bite - Harry should stop ___________ his fingernails every time he feels a bit nervous., frown - Peter ___________ at me because he wasn’t happy with my decision., scowl - She was so angry that she _______________ at him, but couldn't say anything because they were in the theatre., grin - I was so happy to hear the news, I ___________ ., shrug - When the teacher asked me for the answer, I just ___________ my shoulders. I really didn’t know what she was talking about., fold - My dad always ___________ his arms when he’s fed up with waiting for us. He doesn’t say anything, but he looks impatient., bow - The ceiling was low, so, because he was so tall, Graham had to ___________ his head when he walked into the room., wave - We ___________ goodbye as our grandparents’ train left the station., cross - Jack sat down, ___________ his legs, and started reading a book. He knew he had a long wait.,


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