1) The band played very ..... and now I've got a headache! a) loud b) loudly c) quietly 2) She finished her homework ... because she wanted to go out. a) fast b) fastly c) quick 3) That was a very ... film! I cried! a) well b) good c) funny 4) Mum was ... when we arrived home late. a) angry b) angrily c) angryly 5) He played tennis really ... . He's number one. a) good b) well c) badly 6) I play the piano really ... . a) good b) well c) bad 7) He walked too ... . We had to run behind him! a) quick b) quickly c) slowly 8) He's a ... driver. He never has accidents. a) carefully b) careful c) bad d) badly 9) We live in a ... country village. Nothing ever happens! a) quiet b) quietly c) boringly d) interesting 10) She didn't want to arrive early. She walked ... . a) slow b) slowly c) quickly d) fast 11) He's very .... . He won the race ... . a) quick/easy b) quickly/easily c) quick/easily d) quickly/easy 12) The new girl was very shy. She spoke to the teacher ... . a) quiet b) quietly c) loudly d) rudely 13) His mother spoke to him ... . She was not happy that he got a bad mark. a) angry b) angrily c) kindly d) calmly 14) I always work ... . I have good marks at school. a) hard b) hardly c) badly d) lazily 15) Wow! That was an ... quiz. I did it fast. a) easy b) easily c) difficult d) difficultly


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