1) When do the British start celebrating Easter? a) Good Friday b) Easter Monday c) Great Thursday 2) What is happening in the streets of Great Britain on Easter? a) concerts b) festivals c) picnics 3) Who do the British spend Easter with? a) with friends b) with family c) with family and friends 4) What meal is popular at this time? a) supper b) breakfast c) dinner 5) What shape are the chocolates at Easter? a) cows b) dog c) rabbit 6) What activities do children do at Easter?  a) they're playing b) they are resting c) they are going to the playground 7) What games do children play? a) Egg hunt b) Hopscotch c) Rolling eggs d) Charades e) Pace egging f) Hide-and-seek 8) What do the British bake on Good Friday? a) bread b) pizza c) yeast buns 9) Who gives the children gifts for Easter? a) Easter Bunny b) Friends 10) Do the British decorate Easter eggs? a) Yes b) No 11) When do we celebrate Easter? a) March 21 b) April 25 c) there is no fixed date 12) What is Royal Maundy? a) a service celebrated on Holy Thursday b) a royal feast c) providing assistance 13) What is the "Simnel cake" covered with? a) A layer of toffee b) A layer of marzipan mass c) chocolate




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