1) My family ____ in New York City. a) lives b) live c) lived d) living e) livs 2) My sister ____ very well. a) singes b) sings c) singing d) sing e) singed 3) My brothers ____ very loudly a) yelles b) yells c) yelled d) yell e) yelling 4) Everybody at the museum ______ the new dinosaur.  a) enjoying b) enjoy c) enjoys  d) enjoies e) enjoyed 5) The shipment of fruit _____ late. a) is b) are 6) Kate and Jane ____ their mom dig up plants in the garden. a) helps b) help c) heling d) helpes e) helped 7) Everybody ___ near the city because of job opportunities.  a) live b) lives c) lived d) living e) livs 8) A pair of scissors ____ necessary for the recipe. a) is b) are 9) The main method of transportation in all of those tropical islands ____ the public bus system. a) are b) is 10) The trees behind my office ___ very dense. a) is b) are 11) A pilot and co-pilot ____ the plane. a) fly b) flies c) flyes d) flys e) flied 12) Earth ____ around the Sun. a) revolve b) revolving c) revolves d) revolved e) revolvs 13) The baby pandas at the zoo ______ just under 50 pounds. a) weight b) weighs c) weigh d) weighing e) weighed 14) There are many interesting things to ____ in Austin. a) do b) does 15) Every term the students _____ new activities. a) tries b) tried c) try d) tryed e) tryes 16) Everyone ___ an accent of some type. a) haved b) had c) have d) having e) has 17) _____ anyone enjoy the cake?  a) Doing b) Does  c) Did d) Do 18) The team ____ every game! a) win b) wins c) winning d) winned 19) The couple _____ together in the store. a) work b) works c) working d) worked 20) There ____ a dictionary on the bench near the tree. a) is b) are 21) There ____ many reasons you must have fun in life. a) are b) is 22) She _____ the teacher very closely. a) watch b) watched c) watchs d) watching e) watches 23) The city ____ every transaction. a) tax b) taxes c) taxs d) taxed e) taxing 24) It ____ near the flower! a) buzz b) buzzes c) buzzing d) buzzs e) buzzed 25) He ____ his hands very well. a) wash b) washes c) washed d) washing e) washs


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