1) The faster you run, 2) The more people that come to the party, 3) , the more friends you will probably have 4) The more difficult the victory,  5) , the greater happiness will give winning. 6) , the more expensive it will get. 7) The nicer the customer service representative is, 8) The higher-tech a car has,  9) , the more food we will need 10) , the quieter you become. 11) The more experienced the technician is, 12) , the harder it is to catch you!! 13) The older you get, 14) The more money you spend, 15) The more time you spend on Facebook, 16) , the less money you save 17) The more babies you have, 18) , the happier the customer will be. 19) , the less free time you have 20) , the more satisfied the client will be.


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