True: I eat breakfast every morning., My husband doesn't work on the weekend., It usually rains in April., My children are doing their homework right now., The birds are singing outside my window., My son isn't riding his bike today., I don't like to cook lunch every day., My neighbors aren't wearing face masks., We sometimes go shopping after class., Teacher Libby talks to us at 1:00 in the afternoon., Our class doesn't meet on Fridays., My cat sleeps in the sun., The weather is cloudy today., My daughter isn't listening to music these days., False: My brother eat ketchup with his hamburger., Trees has green leaves., It is rain in the spring., I doesn't do my homework every night., They eats dinner at 7:00pm., English doesn't have hard for me., Sometimes my teacher are speaking Spanish., She aren't using her computer right now., Children practicing the letters of the alphabet., The doctor don't know all the answers., You isn't driving a new car., Students does their schoolwork at home these days., I has a purple face mask., He no likes that movie.,

Present Simple and Present Continuous True or False


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