1) The adverbs of time are... a) Again , later ,now, yesterday,tomorrow,soup. b) Again ,later ,now ,yesterday ,tomorrow ,today. c) Now ,tomorrow you ,me. 2) What sentence has an adverb ? a) My mom cooks diner for me. b) I love this song ! c) Yesterday I went to a restaurant . 3) What adverb is correct? a) Tomorrow b) Nau c) Aagein 4) What sentece has to where interrogation ? a) I like you're t-shirt. b) I am so happy. c) what day is youre birthay 5) For what things tou use the interrogation ? a) You use it to eat. b) You use it to make a question. c) You use it to say you like something. 6) what sentence needs a coma ? a) I love your tshirt. b) Are you ok? c) no i don't like ice cream. 7) what sentence is correct ? a) Look at the bird in that tree can you see it it's so beautifull b) hi are you ok c) omg that is youre t-bshirt d) no sentence is correct 8) In what sentence is the verb to be a) she is so happy b) I make acake c) he is so positive d) I like you close e) I am a human! not an animal 9) What sentence is in the past ? a) I have dinner. b) I had  dinner . c) I am going to have dinner.

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