What will you do if a co-worker is rude to you?, What will happen when we continue polluting the Earth?, What would you do if an alien from outer space landed their spaceship in your garden?, If there suddenly was no internet, how would the world change?, How would you spend $100 000 in 12 hours?, If you survived a plane crash in the jungle, how long would you survive?, If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would that be?, If it was possible, would you like to have your own clone?, What would you have done if you had found out you were a lost child of a European monarch and a successor to the throne?, How would your life have been different if you had been growing up with 9 siblings?, How would your life have changed if you had done something different that one time?, What would have happened last weekend if you had partied all night long?, If you had been born as a child of a Hollywood celebrity, how would your childhood have been different?, If you had been born Quasimodo, how would your life have changed?, If you had been born with 6 fingers on each hand, how would that have changed your life?.


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