1) When I arrived at the station, the train ...….. (already /leave). a) had already left b) already left c) left had already 2) We lit the candles because the lights ….... (go off). a) went off b) had gone off c) gone went off 3) When I got home I discovered that somebody ….. (break into) my flat. a) broke into b) had broken into c) into had broken 4) When the dwarfs came home the witch ....... (already/ leave). a) already left b) had already left  c) left had already 5) Billy ….. (eat) all the cakes by the time the other children arrived at the party. a) had eaten b) ate c) had ate 6) When she arrived at the theatre, he ….. (already /buy) the tickets. a) had already bought b)  already bought c) bought had already 7) When he came home, She ….. (already/cook) dinner. a) already cooked b) had already cooked c) cooked already 8) When I turned on the TV, the game ….. (already/finish). a) had already finished b) already finished c) has to finish 9) John didn't catch the bus because he ….. (not leave) the house on time. a) didn't leave b) hadn't left c) hasn't lefted  10) I didn't recognize Ellen at the party because I ….. (not see) her for years. a) hadn't seen b) didn't see c) hasn't saw




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