1) What is a habitat? a) The name of an ocean b) Specific place where an animal lives c) A country in South America 2) Where would you find this animal? a) Arctic b) Rainforest c) Local park 3) Habitats are.... a) Always large b) Always small c) Vary in size depending on an animal's needs 4) Which of the following is NOT an example of a habitat? a) Rainforest b) Ocean c) Salt marshes d) United Kingdom 5) A frog is adapted to its habitat by a) Having webbed feet b) Being able to fly c) Being able to eat large animals 6) Where would you expect to find woodlice? a) In a dark, damp place. b) In a car c) Desert 7) Which of these is NOT an ocean? a) Pacific b) Atlantic c) Indian d) Mediterranean




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