1) I have ___ ideas about that subject. Let's meet to discuss them tomorrow. a) a few b) a little c) much 2) There is ___ water in the river. Be careful when swimming! a) a few b) many c) a lot of 3) You must have put ___ sugar in it, I've got a headache now! a) too many b) too little c) too much 4) There are ___ things I need to work on in order for my health to improve. a) many b) much c) little 5) Please add ___ salt to the soup, but not too much or it'll taste terrible. a) a few b) a little c) many 6) There were ___ people in the zoo a) many b) much c) a little 7) You've got ___ things to do today, so rise and shine! a) a little b) much c) lots of 8) Can you hurry up l haven't got ___ time before the bus comes! a) many b) a few c) a lot of 9) There were ___ of ducklings down by the river yesterday! They were so cute! a) heaps b) much c) a lot of 10) I went to visit my grandparent's farm on the weekend but ___ one was there! I'm worried! a) none b) no c) any

EAP I1 M2 U5 Determiners of Quantity Gapfill


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