1) We can read it  a) Book b) Car c) Vet 2) I can write with it a) Ruler b) Pen c) Book 3) We sleep on it a) Car b) Mobile c) Bed 4) I play PUBG on it a) Cat b) Board c) Mobile 5) We go to it to see doctor a) School b) Hospital c) Club 6) I go to school by it . a) Ice-cream b) Car c) Camel 7) I play football with them . a) Friends b) Animals c) Cars 8) I look at it to know the time. a) Wash b) Watch c) Window 9) I put my books in it . a) Bed b) Bag c) Board 10) It has a long neck and four legs a) Cow b) Girrafe c) Horse

Guess .. What is this ??





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