1) Go __________ . a) left b) right c) straight 2) ________ left. a) Turn b) Go c) Past 3) Turn __________.  a) left b) straight c) right 4) Go _________ the supermarket.  a) on b) past c) straight 5) It is on the ______. a) right b) straight c) turn 6) It is on the __________.  a) turn b) right c) left 7) Go _________ a) past b) up c) down 8) The bank is ___________ the Chinese restaurant. a) Next to b) Opposite c) Behind 9) The hospital is ___________ the library and the barbershop. a) Between b) opposite c) in front of 10) The grocery store is _________ the travel agent. a) behind b) in front of c) between




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