Altitude - The height of the land. Air cools at 1 degree for every 100m in height., Aspect - The direction which a slope faces. South facing slopes are warmer in the Southern Hemisphere., Climate - The average weather of a specific place over many years. This usually includes temperature and rainfall., Weather - The hour-by-hour, day-by-day, condition of the atmosphere., Frontal Rainfall - Rain formed when warm moist air, rises over cool air causing condensation and evaporation., Convectional Rainfall - Rain formed by the sun heating a land surface, causing moist air to rise, condense and produce heavy rainfall. , Relief Rainfall - Rain formed when warm moist air is forced over highland, causing cooling, condensation and rainfall. The leward side of the mountain is dry as it is in the rain shadow. , Latitude - The temperature rises as you get closer to the equator and falls as you get closer to the poles., Microclimate - The local climate of a small area, e.g. a courtyard or garden., Prevailing Wind - The most common direction of a wind, e.g. SW wind in Great Britain.,

Weather and Climate Key Vocabulary




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