1) It _____ very cold last night. a) was b) were 2) My aunt _____ at home. a) were b) was 3) We _____ very thirsty. a) was b) were 4) Kate _____ born in 1991. a) was b) were 5) Bob and Alicia _____ at the party. a) was b) were 6) Alex__________ hungry. a) wasn't b) weren't 7) Where__________ you yesterday at 5 o'clock? a) was b) were 8) I____________at the funfair. a) wasn't b) weren't 9) _________ he at the park?” “No, he _____________ .” a) Were / weren't b) Was / wasn't 10) They_________ in Rome last month. a) wasn't b) weren't 11) We _____________ at home last night. a) was b) were 12) She _______________ very sad yesterday. a) was b) were 13) ____________ she interested in the show? Yes, she__________. a) Was / was b) Were / was 14) The weather____________ terrible yesterday. a) was b) were 15) Barack Obama __________ the 44th President of the United States. a) were b) was




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