I ____ (eat) a large pizza on Saturday. The Lord of the Rings ____ (win) 11 Oscars. Sarah ____(have) long, wavy hair when she was in high school My friends ____(buy) me a new skateboard for my birthday. I ____(write) an email to my cousins in Australia this morning. One Direction ____(sing) last night at the O2 Arena. Richard ____(break) his arm while playing football. My parents ____(give) my brother a beautiful car for his birthday. We ____(leave) at 15.05 from Mallorca. I ____ (think) she was right, but I ____ out (find out) she was wrong. I had a great time in Mexico! I ____(swim) in the ocean, I ____(drink) pineapple juice every hour and I ____ (learn) how to surf. I ____(go) to the supermarket and I ____(meet) Georgia with her new boyfriend. My heart ____(break) when I ____(see) them. I was studying when the music ____ (begin)! I ____(fall) down the chair and I ____ (hurt) my back. I ____ up (wake up) late, I ____ (wear) my uniform and I ____ (run) to school. My mom ____ (make) pancakes for me and I ____ (bring) them to school.




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