suede - a type of soft leather with a surface like velvet on one side, checked - something with a pattern of squares, usually in two colours, trendy - an informal synonym for fashionable, cardigan - an item of clothing similar to a sweater, but with buttons down the front, sleeveless - an adjective which describes a top without arms, hooded - an adjective describing e.g. a jacket or sweatshirt which has a part which covers the head, dress up - a phrasal verb that means to put on clothes which are more formal and elegant than those you usually wear, fit - a verb which means to be the right shape and size for somebody, denim - a type of material that is usually blue and often used for making jeans, match - a verb we use when a piece of clothing combines well with another, scarf - you wear one round your neck for warmth or decoration, get dressed - a verb that means the same as 'put on your clothes', sandals - light, open shoes that are worn in warm weather, tight - an adjective that describes when clothes fit closely to your body, scruffy - a word to describe a person whose hair / clothes / appearance is untidy or dirty, wool - the material that comes from a sheep or goat, try on - a phrasal verb - you usually do this with clothes before you buy them, loose - an adjective which is the opposite of tight, classic - simple and traditional in style or design, go with - a phrasal verb which means to combine well with something, get changed - a verb which means to take off one set of clothes and put on another, old fashioned - an adjective which means not modern, casual - an adjective which means not formal, plain - no pattern, simple, smart - an adjective which means well dressed in fashionable and/or formal clothes,




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