1) Who is this? a) This is my mother. b) This is my father. c) This is my aunt. 2) Where is Semra? a) She is in the kitchen. b) She is in the garage. c) She is in the playroom. 3) Where is Aylin? a) She is at the shopping centre. b) She is at the museum. c) She is at the school. 4) He is ________. a) old b) young c) fast 5) How many balls have you got? a) I have got ten balls. b) I have got twenty balls. c) I have got twelve balls. 6) Let's play hide and seek! a) b) c)   7) Where is the boat? a) It is on the street. b) It is in the sky. c) It is on the sea. 8) Sixteen a) b) c) 9) How many balloons are there? a) There are nineteen ballons. b) There are twenty balloons. c) There are twelve balloons. 10) I can swim. a) b) c)   11) Zeynep is at the museum. a)   b) c) 12) I have got ____________ in my playroom. a) a board game b) puzzles c) a teddy bear 13) This is Andy. He is my ___________. a) sister b) brother c) grandfather 14) How can I get to Adana? a) You can go by train. b) You can go by plane. c) You can go by car. 15) What is your name? a) I am Davut. b) I am great! c) I am a student. 16) How do you feel? a) I am good. b) I am bad. c) I am energetic. 17) What is this? a) This is a helicopter. b) This is a bus. c) This is a scooter. 18) - Is Emre weak? a) No, he isn't. b) Yes, he is. c) Yes, she is. 19) Where is the soap? a) It is under the table. b) It is big. c) It is small. 20) Where is the park? a) I am sorry. I don't know. b) It is here. c) It is there. 21) Ayşe is my ____________. a) uncle b) aunt c) grandfather 22) I have got a block. It is _________. a) yellow b) green c) red




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