get divorce / divorce smb, get lost, get married, wasp, deer, jellyfish, mosquito, mice (singular - mouse), hippopotamus / hippo, rhinoceros / rhino, (verb) - shout, suck, bat, be born, go to primary school, go to secondary school, leave school, separate, fall in love, have children, get a job, (explain the difference) borrow / lend - borrow = take, lend = give (for some time), (explain the difference) know / meet - meet = see for the first time, know = be familiar, (explain the difference) earn / win - earn by work, win by chance, (explain the difference) wait/ hope - hope = want something to happen or to be true; wait = allow the time go by, (explain) retire - leave your job because of old age, (explain) keep still - not move,

Pre-Intermediate revision 4 - vocabulary


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