1) If I go out tonight, ... a) I will go to the cinema. b) I went to the cinema. c) I am going to the cinema. d) I go to the cinema. 2) If you get back late, ... a) I am angry. b) I was angry. c) I have been angry. d) I will be angry. 3) If we don't see each other tomorrow, ... a) We won't see each other next week. b) We will see each other next week. c) We see each other next week. d) We saw each other next week. 4) ... , I will be surprised. a) If he came, b) If he was coming, c) If he comes,  d) If he is coming, 5) ... , we will be late. a) If we are waiting here, b) If we wait here,  c) If we were waiting here, d) If we have waited here, 6) If we .......... (go) on holiday this summer, we .......... (go) to Spain. a) are going - are going b) were going - went c) go - will go d) went - went 7) We .......... (walk) into town if the sun .......... (shine). a) are walking - is shining b) will walk - shines c) walked - shined d) were walking - was shining 8) If you .......... (wait) a minute, I .......... (ask) my parents a) waited - asked b) were waiting - asked c) wait - will ask d) will wait - ask 9) You .......... ( be able / not ) to sleep if you ............ (watch) this scary film. a) won't be able - watch b) weren't able - were watching c) aren't able - watched d) won't be able - are watching 10) If we only use the water we need, we .......... (contribute) to our planet's recovery. a) contributed b) are contributing c) will contribute d) have contributed 11) What will you do if .......... ? a) everything goes wrong b) everything is going wrong c) everything will go wrong d) everything might go wrong 12) If he goes to university, he .......... a) will needs how to cook. b) needs to learn how to cook. c) will need to learn how to cook. d) needed to learn how to cook. 13) Which sentence is correct ? a) If you will get here, we'll have lunch b) If you will get here, we have lunch. c) If you get here, we'll have lunch. d) We had lunch if you got here. 14) If we .......... (hurry up), we'll miss the bus. a) won't b) aren't c) weren't d) don't 15) What will we do if John .......... (not / come) ? a) doesn't come b) isn't coming c) wasn't coming d) hasn't come


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