RENAL - _______ shutdown is the probable result of infusing mismatched blood., SINOATRIAL - The pacemaker of the heart is the ____ node., ALBUMIN - Contains in the plasma. The smallest and most numerous plasma protein., TRANSPORTATION - One of the function of the blood., NEUTROPHIL - A type of white cells., PLASMA - Straw colored transparent fluid., LEUKOCYTE - Known as white blood cell., BASOPHIL - The leukocyte that release histamine and other inflammatory chemicals is the.., ATHEROSCLEROSIS - Peripheral resistance is increased by.., PLATELET - Release chemical that promotes vascular spasm and blood clotting., HEMOGLOBIN - Red blood cell that contains protein., THROMBOCYTOPENIA - Low platelet counts also known as.., HEMOPOIESIS - The process of blood cell formation., ANTI-A - If your blood type is B, you have ______ antibodies in your blood plasma., HEMOCYTOBLAST - What is the name of the stem cell that gives rise to all formed elements?, THROMBOSIS - Clotting in unbroken blood vessel usually a vein is called.., FIBRINOLYSIS - Dissolution of a clot., HEMOLYSIS - Hemorrhage or excessive erythrocyte breakdown., THALASSEMIA - Inherited blood disorder that causes your body to have less hemoglobin than normal., ANTIGEN - Any substances that induce the immune system to produce antibodies again.,





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