fib - The thing about Martha is that she’s always telling little white lies. __________________, disguise - Before selling his car, Jake tried to hide the fact that it had some damage on the back door. __________________, fabricate - It’ll be really late when we get home. We’ll have to invent some story about missing the bus to tell Dad. __________________, own up - You should admit to taking the biscuits. Otherwise, they’ll wonder where they’ve gone. __________________, photoshop - Karen must have adapted that picture. It looks far too sunny for it to have been taken in Scotland! __________________, cheat - Graham always wins at cards by being dishonest. You should never play with him for money! __________________, exaggerate - Scott described his performance in the match in a way that made it seem more important than it was. In fact, he hadn’t played very well at all! __________________, deceive - Stuart gave me false information. He said that he had taken the photo on holiday in Florida. In fact, he had photoshopped it. He has never been to Florida! __________________, pass off - The shopkeeper sold watches, pretending they were designer products, when in fact they were fakes. He made us believe they were something they were not as he sold them. __________________, swear - Amy promised in court that she was not guilty of the crime. __________________,


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