Going outside in a thunder and lightning storm., Speeding away from the police because you don't want to get a ticket., Trying to stop a robber., Hitch-hiking because you don’t have enough money., Jumping up and down in an elevator., Playing football outside in a t-shirt in the cold rain., Shouting at the top of a mountain covered in snow., Lying to your parents so you can go to a party with your crush., Running out of the house in an earthquake., Grabbing your belongings from your burning house., Driving your car when it is flooding., Walking in the park by yourself at night., Joking about guns or bombs with your friend at the airport., Going camping without telling anyone where you are going., Teasing a dog on the street., Racing another car on the road so you can see who is fastest., Jumping off a roof with helium balloons to see how far you can fly., Using a knife to get your stuck toast out of the toaster., Sleeping at the beach while you tan., Going to the beach after an earthquake to watch the tsunami coming..


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