jeopardy - danger, risk, circumstances - the conditions that affect a situation, action, event etc, legit - legal or allowed by official rules, to heal - to make someone who is ill become healthy again, to scam - to deceive someone in order to get money from them, inarticulate - is not clearly expressed or pronounced, trait - a particular quality in someone’s character, grift - way of getting money dishonestly that involve tricking someone, mustard - a yellow sauce with a strong taste, eaten especially with meat, bait - something attractive that is offered to someone to make them do something or buy something, especially when this is done in a dishonest way that tricks people, to testify - to make a formal statement of what is true, especially in a court of law, larceny - the act or crime of stealing, vaguely - not clearly or exactly, discreet - careful about what you say or do, so that you do not offend, upset, or embarrass people or tell secrets, to fulfill - to do or provide what is necessary or needed,




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