1) What is it? a) It's an electricity. b) It's a battery. c) It's a wheel. 2) What's he like? a) He has creativity. b) He is intelligent c) He has a mind. 3) What is it? a) It's a tower. b) It's electricity. c) It's an electric socket. 4) What's wrong with him? a) He slips. b) He succeeds c) He fails. 5) What is it? a) An idea b) A problem c) A question 6) What is it? a) It's an idea. b) It's imagination. c) It's a book. 7) What is it? a) It's a naughty boy. b) It's an invention c) It's a paper. 8) What makes him serious? a) It's a problem. b) It's a solution. c) It's an effect. 9) What does he need? a) He needs a problem. b) He needs a cause. c) He needs a solution. 10) How about these tips? a) They're bad. b) They're useful. c) They're available. 11) What is it? a) It's a wheel. b) It's a tyre. c) It's a spoke. 12) How is he? a) He's alone. b) He's happy. c) He's tired. 13) What is it? a) It's a girl. b) It's a photo. c) It's an avatar. 14) What is he doing? a) He's cleaning. b) He's collecting. c) He's talking. 15) What are they doing/ a) They're competing. b) They're dancing. c) They're pushing. 16) What is it? a) It's a remote. b) It's a controller. c) It's a computer game. 17) What are they doing? a) They're fighting. b) They're co-operating. c) They're shaking. 18) What is it? a) It's a rock band. b) It's a boy group. c) It's a musical group. 19) What is it? a) It's a score. b) It's a point. c) It's a letter. 20) What is it? a) It's a point. b) They're numbers. c) It's a score. 21) What is it? a) It's a screen. b) It's a computer. c) It's a controller. 22) How about them? a) They're alone. b) They're together. c) They're playing. 23) What is she doing? a) She is playing. b) She is taking photos. c) She is watching. 24) What is it? a) It's an elephent. b) It's a sculpture. c) It's a fossil. 25) How is the different arrow? a) It upwards b) It backwards c) It forwards 26) What is that? a) That's a balance. b) That's a rock. c) That's a picture. 27) What is oposite word of "backwards"? a) Upwards b) Downwards c) Forwards 28) What is it? a) It's a force. b) It's a gravity. c) It's a push. 29) Who is he? a) He's a gamer. b) He's a skater. c) He's a player. 30) What is it? a) It's an instruction. b) It's a paper. c) It's a description.

Unit 7 - 9 Vocab Review Primary 4




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