1) What is the name of the famous painter? a) Picasso b) Ariana Grande c) Jeff Bezoz 2) What do people call a map maker? a) Urban planner b) Cartographer c) Urban legend 3) What is another word for very small? a) Tiny b) Big c) Small 4) Which country does this flag belongs to? a) Russia b) Brazil c) China 5) What is the name of this mythical creature? a) Garuda b) Unicorn c) Phoenix 6) Is an elephant a cold blooded animal? a) Yes b) No 7) Can a donkey see all four of its feet? a) True b) False 8) What is the day before Wednesday? a) Monday b) Thursday c) Tuesday 9) Yesterday was Tuesday. Tomorrow will be …. ? a) Monday b) Thursday c) Wednesday 10) ......, Sunday, Monday. a) Thursday b) Tuesday c) Saturday 11) What is a female deer called? a) Doe b) Mare c) Elk 12) What is the only bird that can fly backwards? a) Hummingbird b) Crow c) Eagle 13) What is the capital of Thailand? a) Bangkok b) Chenai c) London 14) Is curry an Indian or Italian food? a) Indian b) Italian 15) Which of these food originated from Japan? a) Sushi b) Pizza c) Curry mee

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