1) "Are you hungry?" -> Grandma asked if I ___ hungry. a) am b) was c) had been 2) "Can you repeat, please?" -> He asked if I ___. a) can repeat b) could repeat c) can't repeat 3) "What are you doing here?" -> She asked what I ___ there. a) am doing b) have done c) was doing 4) "Do you like listening to music?" -> She asked if I ___ listening to music. a) like b) liked c) did like 5) "Have you bought any carrots? -> They asked if I ___ any carrots. a) have bought b) bought c) had bought 6) 'How much money did you pay for the car?’ - Margaret asked ___________ a) how much money did I pay for the car b) how much money had I paid for the car. c) how much money I had paid for the car. 7) "Who was at the party last week?’ - My father asked me_________ a) who had been at the party last week b) who had been at the party the previous week. c) who was at the party at the previous week. 8) 'Where are these socks?' My mum asked me____________ a) where were these socks. b) where these socks were. c) where those socks were. 9) 'Were you working at 8 yesterday?’ - He asked Susan________________ a) if she was working at 8 yesterday. b) if she had been working at 8 yesterday. c) if she had been working at 8 the day before. 10) 'Has your sister watched the cartoon?’ - Tom asked Jim______________ a) if his sister had watched the cartoon. b) if your sister had watched the cartoon. c) if his sister has watched the cartoon.




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