1) A: I love this song! a) So do I b) Neither do I. 2) A: I can't swim. a) Neither do I. b) Neither can I. 3) A: She is so beautiful! a) So are you. b) So do you. 4) A: My mom doesn't like spaghetti. a) So do I. b) Neither do I. 5) I wasn't happy with my test results. a) Neither was I. b) Neither were I. 6) A: She can be so annoying sometimes. a) So can you. b) So will you. 7) A: I enjoy eating spicy food. a) So does my mom. b) So is my mom. 8) A: I don't watch long movies. a) Neither do I. b) Neither was I.

So, too, either, neither


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