1) I _________ English every day. a) study b) studies c) studys 2) Mom__________ to the mall once a month. a) go b) goes c) goies 3) The teachers ________ to school early. a) plays b) goes c) come 4) The cat________milk every morning. a) eats b) drinks c) drink 5) Dad ________ cars. a) fix b) fixies c) fixes 6) The bird ______high in the sky. a) fly b) flies c) flys 7) Ahmad and I ________ our friends every Monday. a) visit b) visits c) visites 8) The lions _______meat. a) eats b) eates c) eat 9) My brother__________ T.V. every night. a) drinks b) watches c) washes 10) My sisters ________the room every day. a) read b) clean c) writes 11) The man _______ this basket every day. a) carry b) carries c) carrys 12) The baby _________ every night. a) cry b) crys c) cries 13) The boy _________ his teeth twice a day. a) brushes b) brush c) brushies 14) Areen_______ her hands every hour. a) wash b) washes c) washies 15) People _________ newspapers every day. a) write b) read c) reads




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