1. - Carl Lee tells Jake that his brother is coming down from Chicago., 2. - Carl Lee implies that he is planning to murder the rapists. Jake tells him that it isn't worth it and that he could be given the electric chair for killing them., 3. - Carl lee hides in a first-floor toilet in The Ford County Courthouse in order to study the building., 4. - Carl Lee and Lester get an M-16., 5. - On May 20, Billy Ray and Pete Willard are brought back to court., 6. - Carl Lee opens fire. The rapists freeze, then scream as they are hit -Cobb first, in the stomach and chest, then Willard, in the face, neck and throat., 7. - Deputy Looney, who is hit in the leg, can hear Carl Lee's crazy laughter.,

'A Time to Kill' by John Grisham. Chapter 2.




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