1) I ........ a music lesson. a) have b) go c) has d) do 2) He ...........his homework. a) have b) go c) do d) does 3) What does she do? a) She reads a book. b) She writes a book. c) She listens to music. d) She helps to cook. 4) Has the giraffe got a long neck? a) No, it hasn't. b) Yes, it has. c) Yes, he has. d) No, he hasn't. 5) What does he do after school? a) He play foodball b) He help mum and dad c) He skates in the park d) He listen to music 6) Do you play foodball on Monday? a) No, I have a music lesson b) No, I do my homework c) No, I don't. I help my mum. d) No, I watch TV 7) Has she got a pizza? a) No, she hasn't. b) Yes, she have c) No, she haven't d) Yes, she has. 8) The car is number________. a) Forty-two b) Forty-three c) Forty-four d) Forty-six

iSUN/Family and Friends 2. Unit 6. After school activites!




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