devious - Henry Smith is a very ______________________ criminal who has cheated elderly people out of their life savings., hypocritical - It’s ________________________ of politicians to criticise business people for not paying taxes when they don’t pay taxes themselves., trustworthy - I think Kelly is a very _________________ girl. You can always rely on her, direct - My boss is __________________ with us. He tells us exactly what to do in a strict, clear, but fair way. I like his style., open - Susie is always ___________________ with her friends. They really like the fact that she is both honest and friendly., original - The gallery believes it is a(n) ______________________ painting by Picasso., biased - I think it would be ____________________ of Dumbledore to give extra point to Griffindor every now and then just because he used to belong to the house!., straight - What I like about my boss is the way she speaks to you in a very __________________ way. You know exactly where she stands. , truthful - You should try to be as ________________ as you can when describing the events you witnessed. Remember that it is important we know exactly what happened. , dishonest - He’s so ___________________ that you can’t believe a word he says.,


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