1) How can you start a conversation? a) Good bye! b) Hi! What is your name? c) I'm not interested in you. d) Excuse me, can you leave. e) I don't really care. f) Say nothing. 2) Important Body Language During a Conversation a) Close your eyes. b) Face the speaker. c) Look at the ceiling. d) Get very close to the person. e) Do not pay attention. f) Make faces. 3) Having a Conversation a) Start with talking only about yourself. b) Do not stay on topic. c) Once a topic starts, keep it going by adding comments. d) End the topic abruptly. e) Never talk about a new topic. f) When a conversation is over, just walk away. 4) Ways to Make a friend a) Just talk about your interests. b) Always forget someone’s name. c)  Ask about the other person’s interests. d) Tell secrets about the other people. e) Do not take turns. f) Interrupt all the time. 5) Fun Topics of Conversation a) Video games. b) Video game. c) Video games. d) Pets. e) Hobbies. f) Sports. 6) Whole Body Listening a) Eyes on the floor. b) Picking your ears. c) Interrupt. d) Body still. e) Feet on the chair. f) Head on the table.




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