Magnification - How many times biggere the image is when compated with the object., Resolution - The minimum distance apart that 2 objects can be in order for them to appear as separate items., Cell fractionation - The process where cells are broken up and the different organelles they contain are separated out., Homogenisation - The breaking up of cells using a blender or pestle and mortar, Cold - The condition reduces enzyme activity that might break down the organelles., Isotonic - This condition is to prevent organelles bursting or shrinking as a result of osmotic gain or loss., Buffered - This conidtion is needed to make sure the pH of the solution does not fluctuate., SEM - Scanning electron microscope, produces images of the surface of objects., TEM - Transmission electron microscope, creates black and white images of inside cells., Graticule - A glass disc that is placed in the eye piece of microscope. It has a scale etched on the glass disc., Stage micrometer - A microscope slide that has a scale etched on it, it is usually 2mm long with 0.01mm divisions,

A Level Biology Chapter 3- 3.1,3.2,3.3





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