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Three elders set off in to the forest to hunt for the biggest and strongest animal they can find., One warrior catches and snake, another catches a monkey whilst the final one successfully hunts down a lion., Back in the village, the Elder who hunted down the lion is celebrated as the strongest and bravest warrior., Toki and two other boys are told to go in to the forest and hunt for an animal., At first, Toki chases down a monkey. However, he falls and is unable to catch it., Toki meets the chameleon for the first time., The chameleon grabs Toki and puts him on his back, Toki and the chameleon begin running through the rainforest collecting as many animals as possible., They collect animals including a monkey, a crocodile and a lion., The chameleon jumps high above the trees. When he dives down he becomes trapped in a net., Toki panicks as he can hear the elders running towards the chameleon with spears., Toki frees the chameleon from the net and hides from the elders, After releases the animal he caught first of all and the the chameleon reappears behind him. .

Ride of passage ordering of events


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