1. Was the bear friendly or angry?, 2. What did the bear and his friends use to do in the morning?, 3. What did the bear and his friends use to do in the evening?, 4. What did the bear love doing?, 5. What could the bear do well?, 6. What was the bear doing when he saw a car?, 7. What fell off the car roof?, 8. What did the bear find in the bag?, 9. What did the bear want to be?, 10. How often did he play the violin?, 11. What was the bear’s favourite dream?, 12. When and where was the concert?, 13. How long did the bear play at the concert?, 14. Did the bear’s friends like his concert?, 15. What did the wolf say?, 16. What did the animals do after the concert?, 17. Did the bear stop playing the violin after the concert?, 18. Did the bear forget his friends?, 19. Did the bear invite his friends again?, 20. Why did the bear play the violin every day?.

Super Minds 4 Story SB pp.88-89


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