sleepy - Most people start feeling ____ around 11pm. , yawn - They often open their mouth and ____., pillow - When they get into bed, they put their head on the _____. , comforter - In bed, many people sleep under a thick _____ filled with feathers or synthetic material. , blankets / sheets - Other people prefer to sleep under _____ and _____. , insomnia - Some people can't sleep because they suffer from _____., sleeping pills - People sometimes have to take _____ to help them go to sleep. , snore - Some people who are asleep make a loud noise when they breathe: they ______. , nap - In hot countries, it's common to take a short _____ in the afternoon. , sleeps like a log - A person who sleep well "______", light sleeper - Someone who doesn't sleep very deeply is a ______., have nightmares - Some children ______ if they what scary movies before bedtime. , keep you awake - If you drink coffee in the evening, it may _____., fast asleep - In the middle of the night, most people are ______. , sleepwalk - As many as 15% of people ____ during the night, getting out of bed and even getting dressed or eating., set the alarm - When people need to get up early, they often _______ (clock). , oversleep - If you don't hear your alarm, you might ________. , fall asleep - According to one study, 4.7% of Americans _______ while driving. ,

Sleep Vocabulary


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