1) Compare Moscow and New York. Use the words boring, crowded, noisy, polluted, dangerous, modern and their opposites. Compare the sights (canals, temples, cathedrals, harbors…) 2) What subjects were you good at and bad at when you were at school? What were you afraid of? (use adj. + prepositions and used to) 3) Do you remember the last time you got angry with you friends/husband/parents? What happened? (past simple + after that, then, once, next day, suddenly; but, so, because, although) 4) Do you have any appointments for the next week? What are they? (present cont., going to, and will for future) 5) What does and doesn't a good English teacher have to do? (must; have to; mustn't; don't have to) 6) Share your favourite recipe with your partner. Use some/any, much/many/ a little/a few, enough, too (much/many) 7) Find out three foods both you and your partner like and three foods you both don't like. (so/neither) 8) Have you ever argued with your siblings/friends because they took your things? What were they? (possessive pronouns and adjectives)  9) Tell your partner about your house/block of flats. When and by whom was it built? Is it taken care of well? (passive voice) 10) Have you ever been to a fair or festival? What was it like? (present perfect; past simple and continuous) 11) Imagine you're talking to a foreigner who is afraid to speak Russian because he/she could make mistakes. With your partner, give this person some advice. (should) 12) Do you remember our "Love is..." lesson? Make six sentences beginning with "Friendship is..." together with your partner! (use gerunds) 13) Have you ever been inspired by someone's words? What did they say? Why was it important? (reported speech; passive voice) 14) JOKER Make up a short story about a Funny Little Man using at least six phrases with 'get' (it doesn't have to make sense) 15) Have you tried any exotic foods or drinks? Where did you try them? Describe the experience to your partner (defining relative clauses; present perfect + ever) 16) Do you agree that people from different countries have national character traits (the Japanese are shy, the Russians are gloomy, etc.)? Why? (people from different countries; character adjectives) 17) If you could meet a person from 2050, what would you ask him or her? Come up with six questions together with your partner.

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