1) David is ___________ person in my family. a) taller b) most tallest c) the tallest 2) This is ___________ month of the year. a) the shortest b) the short c) the most short 3) She is ___________ girl in the class. a) the intelligentest b) more intelligent c) the most intelligent 4) Mount Everest is ___________ mountain in the world.  a) the most high b) the highest c) higher 5) What's ___________ animal in the world? a) bigger b) the biggest c) the most big 6) This is ___________ test of the year. a) the most difficult b) the difficultest c) difficulter 7) I think spring is ___________ season of the year. a) the beautifulest b) more beautiful c) the most beautiful 8) Helen is ___________ ballet dancer in our city. a) good b) better c) the best 9) I think Chinese is ___________ language to learn. a) the difficultest b) the most difficult c) more difficult 10) He was ___________ of all the competitors. a) the slowest b) the most slow c) slower 11) Cheetah is one of ___________ animals on the earth. a) the fastest b) faster c) the most fast 12) Who is ___________ player of the match? a) bad b) worse c) the worst 13) Baseball is ___________ sport in Venezuela. a) the popularest b) the most popular c) more popular 14) Hippos are one of ___________ animals in the world. a) the most dangerous b) more dangerous c) the dangerousest 15) Squirrel monkeys are ___________ animals of all. a) cuter b) the most cute c) the cutest 16) This is ___________ book I've ever read. a) the interestingest b) the most interesting c) more interesting 17) I think Portuguese is ___________ language for Spanish speakers. a) the easiest b) the most easy c) easier 18) This is ___________ bird I've ever seen. a) the most beautiful b) the beautifulest c) more beautiful

English Test N°5 - 8th Grade (Superlative Adjectives)


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