"It was me. I broke the window", "I'm the best basketballer in the league", "The hotel was not very clean, and there were spiders in the bathroom", "The reason your bicycle makes a noise is because you need to oil the chain", "By the way, there's a new flower shop near the castle", "Come on ref, it wasn't a foul!", "Oh no! I left my phone in the restaurant", "This river is not safe to swim in", "Who kicked you?", "Why don't you try using a new one?", "Please don't turn the TV off - I'm watching it", "You should eat five protions of fruit a day", "I didn't do it. No. Not me", "I will always love you", "Get back on the bench!", "Don't forget to turn the heater off when you leave", "We will beat you up if you don't give us your iPod", "Let's go out for dinner?", "Don't tell anyone else - it's a secret. Ssh!", "Erm. OK, I'll put it over there".


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