To minimize the risk due to food handling in the workplace - Food Safety Act 2006, To minimize the risk of cross infection in the workplace - PPE Regulations, Minimise the risk from the use of substances that may be hazardous to health - Control of substances Hazardous to Health Regs, Ensure procedures are in place for the reporting of injury and illness to the HSE - Reporting of Injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regs, Risks due to the use of equipment must be minimised - Provisions and use of workplace equipment regs, If the death of somebody occurs in suspicious circumstances, then an organization may be convicted of negligence - Coporate manslaughter and Homicide Act 2007, Carry out risk assessments to minimize any risks to safety - Management of Health and safety regulations, Anyone affected by work activity must be kept safe - Health and safety at work act 1974,

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